Lab Report Essay

| February 21, 2015
Instruction for Lab Reports Use in passive voice, third party 1. INTRODUCTION : history of topic, application, fundamental (at least Ѕ a page) 2. MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT USED : base on EDVOTEK information 3. PROCEDURES FOLLOWED : give enough information so that any reader could duplicate the exercise without further instructions. Base on EDVOTEK information 4. Result obtained : report the actual results : Post-lab questions (almost similar information with (3. Transformation Fluorencent – Sciencebridge) 1. Estimate the number of fluorescent colonies that grew on your experimental plates. Transformation efficiency varies. If students have too many colonies to count, they can estimate the total number of colonies by counting the colonies on one quadrant of the plate and multiplying by four.(on page 19)please put blank………don’t know yet the total result (I will enter for myself) 5. Discussion and conclusions : discuss why the exercise turned out the way it did. (demonstrate critical thinking). (3. Transformation Fluorencent – Sciencebridge) 6. Recommendations : how one might use the data produced by this exercise and/or how the exercise might be improved. (3. Transformation Fluorencent – Sciencebridge) 7. Bibliography 8. Citations Source :(provided) 1. EDVOTEK – kit # 222 ( 2. Transformation 01 – Ontario Science Center 3. Transformation Fluorescent Protein (sciencebridge)

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