lab report about the reaction of Mentos and soda drink

| July 30, 2015

A two pages lab report about mentos and soda drink.

Apa format.


1-2 liter bottle of cola

1-2 liter bottle of diet cola

1-2 liter bottle of root beer

1-2 liter bottle of  orange soda

stop watch.

Reaction  and information of  the experiment : root beer 1.5ft 5.5 inch, time of the reaction undetermind

diet cola 2ft 3.5inch, 11.6second

cola  1ft 8inch, 7.67 second

orange soda 1ft 2 inch 13.27 second.

the Lab report should include



material and method

hypothesis: if mint mentos added to root beer, cola,deit cola,and orange soda. the diet cola will produce the highest eruption because…….

result, and with table


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