Kuwaiti Company Global Business in Tunisia and America The Role and Purpose of Multinational Institutions WTO, IMF & World Bank and What they mean for Kuwaiti Company

| April 9, 2015

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what is the purpose & role of multinational institutions, and what they mean for business, especially



World Bank


Institutional framework of regional organizations aiming at economic integration, especially


Several Central & South American organizations


African economic integration organizations

GCC and prospects for more economic integration

concepts about trade creation or trade diversion from regional organizations



various stakeholders in the firm & their different interests


CSR in the global economy


institutions & CSR


CSR & performance



internationalization of the firm, especially

managing export – import




non-equity strategies


internationalization processes


resources supporting internationalization



strategic objectives for foreign subsidiaries


timing entry into foreign markets


entry mode – equity strategies


issues of control


institutions and constraints on foreign entry


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Discuss United States macroeconomy number of amateur reporters who are unfamiliar with economics, how and why the United State’s deficit, surplus and debt have an effect on a domestic automotive manufacturing (exporter) like Chevy, Ford or GM.

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