Kraft Foods Inc

| May 26, 2014

Morgen Witzel (2004) describes management as the harmonization and direction of activities with the aim of accomplishing both the organization and its member’s objectives (1). Having defined what management is it is therefore possible to reduce the study and practice of management to ideas and concepts that are fundamentally minute. In this case, business management is considered. Business management therefore, deem that a set of goals and strategies are necessary in order to’ get there’ and without this, efforts will be wasted. Another factor considered by business is an institute that will draw together resources to achieve these goals. In this regard, people’s skills need to be guided and coordinated. People have their own needs and aspirations which the institute must accommodate (Witzel p 3). The current paper will introduce and critically analyze Kraft Foods Inc, placing specific cognizance on the major challenge and how it impacts to the organization. The report contends that lack of global geographical concentration remains to be the greatest challenge. In the end recommendation will be made based on management theory.

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