Korean American Experience

| March 16, 2014

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1. How and Why Korean immigrants came to be the most enterpreneurial ethnicity?
include the debate over the sources of Korean Aemrican enterpreneurship
2(A) What were some of the ways Korean immigrant merchants in shouth Central experienced the Unrest?
2(B) How did African Aemricans in shouth Central experience the unrest? HOw did Latin American immigrants in Shouth Central experience the Unrest?
each question should be answer 1 page after read reading resources
For #1 you need to read (Asiangramentindustry, chapter 5 zugust 2013, chapter6, high tech, NailSalon, Park sources and resources of Korean)
For #2 you need to read (Chater6 April 2013, Chapter9 Aril 2013, confronting the liquor, park analysis of latin-Korean relationship, use and abuse.
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