Knowledge Management Systems

| July 26, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The task is to design an intervention to improve the situation described in the case study for Assessment 2 using KM principles, practices and tools.


Suggest that you paraphrase the requirement of the assignment in your introduction


The sorts of questions you should seek to answer are:


How would the knowledge flow through your designed solution?

Are there any existing knowledge assets or solutions that may be part of the system?

What are the candidate techniques that can be used?

What is the proposed KMS? – give it a name.

What functions or processes are required to enable the system?

Who would manage the KMS?

What infrastructure, tools, equipment or techniques are required to address the problem?

What are changes required to policy, procedures, attitudes, organisational structure or physical location to be made to improve the way the organisation operates? (PG only)

How would the organisation know if the intervention produced benefits and what they were? (PG only)

A suitable assignment provides an actionable result. Imagine that you have to give your assignment to a Business Analyst to undertake a detailed design. What would they need to have? If your assignment does not pass this test, then it is not a pass!

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