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| July 24, 2016

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XYZ Company is a multinational food organization trying to launch a new dipping sauce that was very well received in trial markets. The company is having difficulty with the developers of the sauce and the packaging department in determining the appropriate container to keep the product fresh. Each group maintains they are essential to the success of the product and have a right to direct the work of the other departments on how to best design the package. This discrepancy has caused a delay in production and a number of individuals from each group have threatened to resign if the situation cannot be resolved. HR needs assistance in managing knowledge processes across departments to collaborate and design a package best suited for the product. As a member of a consulting team, you will develop a KM process to resolve this issue. Using a PowerPoint presentation of no less than 6 and no more than 10 slides to provide information on the following: •                Propose the best approach for HR to resolve the issue and indicate whether your recommendation includes an objectivist or practice-based perspective. Provide information to support your choice. •               Indicate how your approach will affect knowledge workers and their behavior as it relates to o            Job design o       Retention o        Power, politics, conflict, and KM processes o      Potential issues • Recommend the roles of HRM, Leadership, and ICT’s that will influence knowledge sharing •      Indicate your expected results and benefits the organization will achieve by following your recommendations.

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