Knossos Palace

| May 19, 2015

Begin by searching the text or online sources to locate three examples of architectural detail, wall painting, pottery or sculpture from Knossos. An exceptional site for a virtual tour has been created by the British School at Athens. This site provides fascinating 360 degree views of rooms. (Be aware that the initial excavator, Sir Arthur Evans, made some controversial restorations to the palace. Know that what you are seeing may not be all original.) A great website for art from Knossos is that of the Heraklion Museum in Crete. Painted pottery, sculpture and frescoes will be found here. Other options for learning about Knossos are two videos available through the Excelsior Library:

Mystery of the Minoans (49:27)
Knossos Palace and Sir Arthur Evans (05:52)
In the essay, use your three examples as evidence for some aspect(s) of Minoan culture. You may find your material evidence indicates commerce, seafaring, or perhaps a love of nature. Maybe your sampling speaks of religion, ceremony, or costume. Be sure to identify fully your examples, and include plenty of specific description as you make a case for them as cultural evidence. Illustrations are helpful.

Essay Writing Requirements:

Two pages or 500+ words
Follow the APA style.

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