kindred quiz

| July 16, 2015

Section 1: Short Answer


  1. What makes Dana decide to “run away” from the Weylin farm and control?



  1. To which fight do you think the title of the section, “The Fight,” refers?




  1. Can you describe the bond between Dana and Rufus?




  1. What are the physical symptoms Dana experiences before she time travels?





  1. Rufus betrays Dana in this section of the novel and lies to her extensively. What doesn’t he do that Dana thinks he has done for her?



Section 2: Essay

Please answer the following question in at least two fully developed paragraphs.



“The Fight” is an extended meditation on power and how power is held, maintained, granted, and refused in the master/slave institutional relationship. As you can see in several incidents, those in power often rely upon violence to maintain their authority. Please write a two-paragraph discussion of the ways Butler explores power in this section of the novel. You can use your book to refer to specific passages, conversations, or happenings.

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Racial crimes
BUS 402 WK 2 Quiz 1 Chapter 1,2

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