Khafre’s Pyramid

| April 8, 2014

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•Be an Egyptian scribe during Khafre’s reign. Write out the design of Khafre’s pyramid, the great causeway and the Great Sphinx. Explain how the site was constructed, how much manpower was required and what materials were used. Describe what it looked like when it was completed. (All of this information could be written as a part of the scribal record for the king.)
Remember, your concern is art (and/or architecture); don’t forget that this is your focus. Use this imaginary construct as the springboard for all the carefully compiled data you have assembled through extensive research.
• When textual material is paraphrased or reference is made to a source material.
• When information is included that is not common knowledge.
Please use footnotes, the preface, or appendix to distinguish between fact and fiction if necessary. I will expect that although the situation presented is fictional, the facts presented are true unless otherwise noted.
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