Kaplan IT499 unit 5 assignment 18132

| November 17, 2015


Assignment 5


Outcomes addressed in this Assignment:


Unit Outcomes:


• Discuss the types of unplanned events and their impact on information systems technology projects

• Prepare, revise, and present project planning, timelines, and budgets to accommodate unexpected




Course Outcomes:


IT499-4: Technology Analysis: Evaluate IT trends, practices, and products.


IT499-5: Business Analysis: Evaluate the potential impact of information systems and technology on business




Assignment Instructions:


This week you will be developing a project status report and revising part of your initial plan to adapt to some

unplanned events. Most IT projects do not reach completion without changes occurring along the way. Many of

the changes are not planned, and the project manager must find a way to revise plans, budgets, and resources

to compensate for such unplanned changes. For this Assignment, you must analyze the impact of two

unplanned changes on your project, and you must revise the budget and implementation plan to accommodate

those changes. Consider which scenario you will apply in addition to the budget cuts. Download the

project_statusReport file from Doc Sharing. Use the file to fill out all necessary content for the status report.


Read through the scenarios below. For this Assignment, you must choose Scenario A (Budget Cut), and one

additional scenario.


Scenario A: Budget Cut (required)


Your client has informed you that project costs must be reduced by 10%.



Scenario B: Change in Project Scope


You have been informed that you need to add end-user training to the project scope. This training is for the

end-users at the client’s location. You need to decide how this will be handled and negotiated with the client

considering the required budget cut.



Scenario C: Loss of a Member of the Project Team


One of your team members announces that he/she is leaving the company immediately to take a position with Assign

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