Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Program: Why is it effective?

| May 21, 2015

Write a 800 word persuasive essay based on feedback received after the past several units.

Include the following components in your essay:

•Introductory Paragraph
•Include your thesis statement
•Include a discussion of at least three supporting points
•Supporting arguments and examples defending your position for each of the following:
•Body Section 1 (supporting point 1 fully presented)
•Body Section 2 (supporting point 2 fully presented)
•Body Section 3 (supporting point 3 fully presented)
•Body Section 4 (supporting point 4 fully presented)
•Identified concession to the argument and rebuttal
•Conclusive Summary
Consider the following in your writing:

•Five paragraphs which all establish a highly developed viewpoint and purpose.
•Each paragraph of the paper should also demonstrate a high standard of professionalism consistent in tone, language, and standards of formal writing.
•Your content must be original, well-defined, organized, and accessible.
•Your final draft should be easy to read, well organized, and free of grammatical errors.
•Finally you must use syntax to incorporate each of the following stylistic criteria: accessible, accurate, supported, precise, and concise.
Format your work consistent with APA guidelines.

Include a title and reference page.

Cite your sources and include a reference page.

Include an additional one page detailed description at the end of your final draft which explains the revisions you made based on your self-critique.

•This page should explain the specific changes you made to content, organization, style, and mechanics of your paper.




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