Justification Report – Part 1

| July 16, 2015

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


use basic outline to draft paper
problem statement (for question 1)
overview of alternatives (for question 2)
criteria ( for question 3)
methods (for question 4)

1). Describe in detail a problem at work, persuading and convincing the reader that it needs fixing.

2). Provide a detailed description of 2 possible solutions (alternatives) that could be implemented to resolve the problem identified in question 1.

3), Describe 5 criteria that you will use to measure the worth of each alternative in Criterion 2. NOTE: The alternative that satisfies the most criteria to the highest degree will be the one you recommend later to your employer. Criteria are standards that the audience values and are therefore used to measure the worth of each alternative (common examples include cost, desirability, durability, efficiency, time it will take to implement, and practicality).

4). Describe in detail how you will conduct the research needed to determine the best recommended alternative to your employer.



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Book Analysis/Critique of ideas: Way of the peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
A major concern for most parents is the quality of education delivered in co-educational and single-sex schools at primary level. Which school type needs to be promoted more and why?


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