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| May 26, 2014

1) Two different planning cultures; density, people-oriented, neighborhood concept, and evolution of cities
2) Close friendship as social network in the vast urban environment
3) Although you are unknown in big cities, through this close knit of friendship you survive.
4) Interpersonal relationships, sometimes complicated but comforts people in urban settings
5) Dense urban neighborhood
6) Also, it does provide you with US history during the McCarthy era. you should study more about this important period.

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Compare and contrast the opening of Japan in 1854 and 1945.
As discussed in class, multinational corporations weigh various strategic options as they develop globally. There is a tension between the desire to capitalize on global economies of scale and integration and the need to be responsive to local needs and promote autonomy for those responsible for managing each national market. The overall strategic choices a company makes will be reflected across the enterprise, including corporate structure, financing, marketing, sales and distribution, external affairs, human resources and R&D. Your task in Research Report 2 will be to evaluate the extent to which one foreign company in India—Nissan—has pursued a global or regional strategy.

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