Create a PowerPoint® Presentation geared toward teaching a younger person, age 9 to 14 year old, about Judaism. Your presentation must cover each of the following topics:

  • Relationship with God/Torah
  • History of Key Sacred Texts
  • Ten Commandments
  • Jerusalem
  • The Nation of Israel
  • Different Sects of Judaism
  • The Holocaust
  • Sacred Practices and Holidays
  • Judaism today

Include a minimum of 10 slides.  Each slide should have at least one image/picture!

As if you were going to teach a young neighbor or relative about Judaism. This assignment will help you put the concepts into a simpler perspective so that you can feel comfortable with the material.  After completing your PowerPoint presentation, you should have a firm understanding of Judaism.
Make sure you include an introductory slide to introduce the presentation and a concluding slide to wrap up the points you’ve covered. Please include speaker notes for the slides – informational captions/text to supplement the slides.  The speaker notes are what you would say if you were actually presenting the PowerPoint slideshow to an audience. Remember to include a Reference slide at the end, with all sources you use for the presentation cited in APA style.