| March 25, 2014

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Write this as an inverted pyramid structure in which the most important information goes in the lead paragraph. It is the job of the writer to decide what that information is.
Develop a lead and hard-news story using the following notes from a reporters notebook:
– 13 year-old Honduran boy admits to police and New York CIty officials that he lied about traveling to the city to look for his father
– Edwin Daniel Sabillion Vasquez is a runaway whose father, Grevi Sabillion Vasquez, died of AIDS october 11, 1998.
– The elder Sabillion died in his hometown of San Buenaventura, Honduras, not New York CIty; he had contracted HIV while living in Florida with siblings and other relatives
– Boy did not directly travel 3,400 miles from Honduras to New York, as originally stated
– NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani held a press conference yesterday commending Edwin by noting; " The boys journey shows how determined he is, how much he loves his father. Its beautiful testament to the love that he has for his father"
– Giuliani has expressed surprise, mayor thinks the boy deserves public concern and sympathy rather than anger at being scammed.
– Edwin has aunt in Miami, Florida, Aurora Sabillon Vasquez. 23. who had earlier on wired 500$ for boys first-leg trip to Miami.
– Aurora: " He left on 25th of June. With what idea, I don’t know. I was going to put him in school. He didn’t want to go to school. He said he wanted to work."
– When he disappeared from Aunt Aurora’s, Edwin had $35 Aurora had given him
– Boy’s mother and brother, who are said to be estranged from extended family, are not dead, though nobody claims to know their whereabouts
-It was his uncle, Omar Sabillon Vasquez, 33, and his 65- year-old grandmother, Paul Vasquez, who told boy his mother and brother were killed by last fall’s Hurricane Mitch
– Boy is currently living with foster parents while NYC authorities decide his fate- i,e deportation or stay. Grandmother Paula wants Edwin back to Honduras as soon as possible. She is aging and seriously ill.
– Before U.S authorities contacted Honduran counterparts, Leonides Paz, a village neighbor, had seen the affair on Telelmundo, the international Spanish-language television and relayed it to friends and relatives. Paz: "It made me laugh a bit, but it made me sad that he would tell that story"
– Reporters have been taken to cemetery and shown grave of Grevi Sabillon Vasquez
– Aunt Aurora told ABC- Television that the boy finds it hard to believe or accept his father is dead, although Edwin attended his burial and funeral last year
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