Journal Article Critique: Injury, Disasters, and Hazards

| July 23, 2015

Journal Article Critique: Injury, Disasters, and Hazards
Discussion of journal articles is important to the development of critical thinking and evaluation skills. You are provided with citations for two different articles to discuss with your colleagues, in a “journal club” style. A journal club typically refers to a group of individuals who meet to critically evaluate journal articles in their academic field. You will participate in a journal club style critique in this module’s Discussion. This type of evaluation is very useful to broaden your knowledge of the field and practice critical thinking skills. Your discussion must be relevant to the journal article and must provide a scholarly critique of the contents. The articles can be found in the Walden Library. Post your discussion under the appropriate topic threads for each article. Your Instructor uses the Module 5 Discussion Rubric to grade this Discussion.
The Journal:
Dube, K.J. et al. (2011). Hearing impairment among workers exposed to excessive levels of noise in ginning industries. Noise Health. 13(54):348-55.

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Journal Article Critique: Injury, Disasters, and Hazards
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