Journal Analysis On the Racial Disproportionality of United States Prison Populations

| October 29, 2014

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1) You are essentially grading the author’s work. What do you think about it? Did he/she do a good job? Did he/she do what was planned to do? Was it proven? Did the author run off on rabbit trails? Did the author hold your attention? Was it something that your grandmother could understand, or was it perhaps written only for PhD level readers?
2) On page 1, you should dedicate half a page to summarize the subject of the article.
3) On other pages in your “critique” of the article, you should include at least one 5-6 sentence paragraph on the Methods used and another big paragraph for the statistics used. Even if you do not understand how they used the stats, you should still mention what they used. If there are no statistics, this is important, too. Mention whether or not tables, graphs, or charts were used. Was this part hard to understand? Why or why not? Did it help you to understand the author’s hypothesis and conclusion?
4) Were all the pieces included that are required for a good article: abstract, literature review, theories section, methods, statistics, results, and conclusion?
5) You may use a few short quotes in your paper to back up your points. But, you must cite them properly or lose APA points.
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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Criminal Justice system and The Economy


Category: Criminology

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