Jose Vargas Assignment

| March 6, 2014

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University of North Carolina – Wilmington
Dept. of Nursing
NSG405: Community Health Nursing
Spring 2014
Jose Antonio Vargas Assignment
Due Date: March 12: Please upload to Bb site instead of hard copy in class as syllabus indicated
Pages: 2
Format: Typed – APA margins and font type and size: no abstract
1. Select a client, a married 50 year old client who suffers from CHF and diabetes, you have had during community health. Imagine that client is an illegal immigrant needing health care.
2. Write the story of the client in the client’s voice. Become the client who seeks health care in whatever setting you choose remembering the person is an illegal alien and all that that status implies in the United States health care system and environment.
3. Include aspects of the Vargas talk in your writing. What were the issues discussed? What were the fears felt; the worries the problems the issues?
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Demonstrate knowledge of two principles of nursing practice. Investigate the professional, legal and ethical frameworks that guide nursing practice and relate these to practice experience


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