Jeffrey Dahmer The Serial Killer

| February 10, 2014

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This research paper is supposed to be about the life of Jeffery Dahmer, a serial killer. It needs to include the defenses used and basically anything that happened to him.
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Jeffrey Dahmer is a no ordinary killer; he is a renowned serial killer of all time in history. He was not just a killer but a cannibal, necrophilia as well as a killer. It seems incomprehensive how one single man would play the various roles in his life. This therefore has lead to the uprising of various books in efforts to convince the thought and the ideas of how Dahmer would play such dangerous roles in his life. In most cases the theories suggest that the behavior of Dahmer and other serial killers results from factors such as poor parenting, child abuse, and drug abuse and head trauma (Masters, p15). However, Dahmer’s parents prove such theories wrong in that they did not abuse him but rather strived to ensure that they bring him up in all best possible manner….ORDER NOW
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