Italian Cinema in the late 50's to the late 60's

| April 2, 2014

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You have to answer this questions. Each one has to be a page without including the questions in the paper.
here are the 3 questions and their outline.
2-The legacy of Neorealism in Big Deal on Madonna Street and in Pasolini’s Mamma Roma. What are the elements that can be related to Neorealism and what are the elements that convey a new idea of cinema. You should discuss the specific use of Ladri di biciclette in Big Deal and Open City in Mamma Roma.
3-The crisis of Catholic Religion is implied both in Fellini and in Pasolini. Discuss their different way of dealing with the “loss of sacred” in the consumerist society. Please, incorporate La ricotta in your discussion on Pasolini’s use of Christian iconography.
4-Both Fellini and Pasolini use Rome as a mirror for understanding he transformations of Italian culture and society. Discuss in details how their different landscapes and characters convey, along with a specific ideology, their authorial idea of cinema. You should discuss Fellini’s artificial background and his baroque idea of cinema as an abstractive art and Pasolini’s specific use of the borgate landscapes
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Analysis the Movie: Heat(Mann, 1995)
Is the screen a mirror? Evaluate the implications of the Lacanian mirror stage for theorizing film spectatorship in the writings of two theorists with respect to politics, feminism and/or pleasure.


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