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| May 21, 2015
IT research paper

Assignment: In groups (1-4 students),research a IT system used within healthcare discipline. Research, demonstrate, and analyze a system. Some examples are a specific EHR (HELP, Cerner), surgical robot (DaVinci others), GPS use in surgery etc. Explain how it the system was developed, general purpose of the IT system, who are the users, what are the functions (include examples or websites to view), technical requirements, and how it affects healthcare today. Prepare a report 6-8 page report (either MLA or APA writing style), including minimal of 5 references within research paper. Include all student names on title page.

Prior to beginning this assignment, you must first get approval of your group, topic, and outline of presentation. This will be submitted under the IT systems outline assignment within module 4 (week 4) of this semester. The IT outline is due prior to the finished paper (end of week 3 for summer online class).

Grading Rubric

history/development of IT system
general purpose within healthcare 10
users of the IT system within healthcare 10
general functions (include examples or websites to view item) 20
technical requirements 10
Overall professionalism, layout, length, references (minimal 5) of paper 30
total: 90 pts

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