IT Governance Frameworks Comparison and Analysis

| March 19, 2014

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Write a report that critically analyses the adoption of IT governance frameworks in business organisations.
You are required to conduct a literature review and analysis using academic journal articles through the library database on this topic.
Here are the assignment Prompt
The report must use academic journal articles to support claims you make
Section 1: IT Governance Frameworks Comparison and Analysis (maximum of 1500 words)
(Heading 1) Research and identify two IS governance frameworks that are the most widely adopted by business organisations worldwide.
(Heading 2) Explain why these frameworks are widely adopted by firms by using supporting evidence from your research
(Heading 3) Describe and compare similarities and differences, including the benefits and challenges among these frameworks.
Section 2: Challenges of IT Governance Framework Implementation (maximum of 500 words)
(Heading 4) Research academic journal articles in the past 5 years. Discuss 4 challenges that firms faced when implementing IT governance frameworks in Australia.
1) Quality of research and supporting evidence – extensive range or high quality academic journal articles all related to the topic cited
2) Critical analysis and understanding of IT Governance frameworks (ITG) – reporting indicates a broad and deep understanding of the functionality/role of ITG and issues involved in the adoption of ITG, consistently supported by references.
3) Structure – report follows the structure given and information in each section is presented in a clear logical way that supports the overall point/argument of that section
4) Presentation is of professional standard, with little or no formatting, spelling, grammar, referencing errors/inconsistencies.
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