Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking Toward the Third Resuurrection by Sherman Jackson

| February 9, 2014

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Required book: Islam and the Black-american: Looking Toward the Third Resurrection by Sherman Jackson DRAFT MUST DELIVERED IN 2 DAYS! DRAFT MUST DELIVERED IN 2 DAYS! What is the argument of the book? Each chapter should support and develop that argument. For each chapter, identify: What is the specific argument of that chapter? What are the main points the author makes to support this argument? What are the author’s key pieces of evidence for these points? Do these pieces of evidence support the author’s argument? Does he give enough evidence to make a convincing argument? Does he use evidence in a sound way? Are there things that you think that the author might have left out? After answering these questions for EACH chapter, go back and consider the original argument of the book that was set forth in the introduction. Are you convinced by the book’s argument? Why or why not? What might have you liked the author to address that he didn’t? Breakdown of book review: 1) Introduction: a) What is the topic of the book? b) What is the main question/problem that the author addresses? c) What is the author’s answer to this question/problem? d) What is the author’s main argument? i) The last question is the most important to identify in the intro. Be sure to identify it with precision and clarity. 2) Body: a) Give 1 introductory paragraph that lays out the organization of the book. i) Summarize the topic and/or argument of each chapter in 1-2 sentences. b) The body will address various chapters of your book. (Aprox. 1-3 paragraphs per chapter of the book) 1) What argument does the author make in this chapter? 2) What are the main points that the author makes to support his argument? 3) What evidence does the author use? You won’t be able to summarize all the evidence, but you may want to select on to two pieces of evidence and discuss this evidence. Do you think the author accurately interprets this evidence? Are there other ways that you think this evidence could be interpreted? 3) Conclusion: a) Summarize the author’s main argument of the book and each individual argument (per chapter) that supports this main argument. b) Evaluation. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s argument? Why? What might have you done differently? The only source that has to be used is the book, Islam and the Black-american.
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In his book, Sherman Jackson vividly explains about the career line of Islam among the American blacks. Among all the western civilization, only America is home to the largest group of indigenous Muslim converts. However, most of the explanations that are floated around, none of them fit. Sherman Jackson notes that there lack substantial evidence into why Islam spread among the black in America much faster than to the other races such as American or the Hispanics (Jackson 28). The main question that the author addresses in this book is with regard to the connection of black Islam and the black movements of the early 20th century. In his answer Sherman, explains that, there is an assumption, in which most of the people feel that there must be some kind of connection between the black Americans and the Islamic religion. According to Sherman, there are no distinctive features that can link African Islam to proto-Islamic and the movements of the black movement that dated back in the early 20th century. In his argument, the momentum that Islam has enjoyed is as a result of black religion, a phenomenon that is distinctively American,,,ORDER NOW
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