Is violence a necessary part of any radical political transformation? Discuss with reference to Sorel and Fanon

| April 8, 2014

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Firstly, the writer should be from a political science background particularly in continental political thought and I strickly will not accept anybody from a different background, period! The entire work should just be an ANALYSIS and nothing else!!
I want you to analyse topic/title statement above and pay close attention to the following themes:
• The role of violence (according to the interpretations of Sorel and Fanon) in radical political transformation.
• Whether violence as a necessary part of political transformation.
• How violence should be articulated if it is a necessary element of radical political transformation.
All the three areas should only focus on the interpretations of violence from both Sorel/Fanon and how each thinker’s interpretation is relevant to radical political transformation. The discussion to radicalism should be very very specific; examples are welcome but no general mumblings of radicalism please.
No need to mention a literature review, intro/background etc. Just focus on the three bullet points. I would like the analysis to have two sections, one for Sorel and the other for Fanon. However if you believe it would make more sense to inclusively have your points put together then do so. I expect this done to a high standard and will be in close contact.
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