Is Using Hydraulic Fracturing Worth all The Issues it’s Causing?

| May 23, 2014

Throughout history, there has been a debate between citizens and their governments on how certain things should work. For example, the United States is using a method called hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas from the ground. This method has been used over the years, and its impact on the environment is now being noticed, especially by the citizens of the United States. It is a crucial issue to deal with because while the government needs the energy from natural gas, the citizens believe it should stop due to its potentially harmful effects on the environment. Even though hydraulic fracturing may have a negative impact on the environment, the government of the United States has not stopped using it because they believe that it does more good than bad. There are two powerful arguments that have contributed to the debate of whether the government should stop using hydraulic fracturing or not; mainly, hydraulic fracturing’s benefits to the economy versus the way it harms the environment.

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