Is the Middle East Undergoing a Democratic Revolution?

| September 28, 2015

This discussion focuses on the concerns about global health pandemics. Refer to textbook readings:


  • Unit 5/Issue 5.4 ISSUE:  Is the Middle East Undergoing a Democratic Revolution?
    • YES:   Fareed Zakaria, from “How Democracy Can Work in the Middle East?,” TIME(February 3, 2011)
    • NO:     Daniel L. Byman, from “After the Hope of the Arab Spring, the Chill of an Arab Winter,” The Washington Post(December 4, 2011)


Find at least two recent (in the last 6 months) news articles from different sources on recent events in Egypt and Tunisia. Please choose as least one from a Middle East new source.  Be sure to include full citations to the articles at the end of your posting  Please write at least four paragraphs relating the analysis in the Yes and No articles in the text book, to what is currently occurring in these two countries. Please address the following questions. Support your analysis with quotes or references to material from all four articles.


1.  In what ways are the analyses in the Zakaria (Yes) and Byman (No) articles still valid? In what ways do you think their points are now outdated? Please explain.


2. What do you think about the existence of democracy in these two countries now and the potentials for the future?


3. What is the relationship between Islam and democracy, if any, in these countries?

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