Is Non-Violence an effective way to create change?

| February 24, 2014

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How Chavez helped farm workers to get their rights.
1,What city were Cesar Chavez and his followers from?
Friom deiano
2,What sort of protest did Cesar Chavez believe in ?
What were a few things that farm workers wanted at this time ?
Wanted equality, better paying jobs, to be treat better .
where were most farm workers from ?
An American white with Mexican decent.
what other group of workers did Mexicans join ?
Philippines , Japanese , poor white
which senator support Chavez and his followers ?
Robert Kennedy .
What did Chavez do to end some of the Violence that had started among protestors?
He started a fast for non-violence protest. he lasted 25 days.
What was the first item protestors began to boycott?
Wine, products, primary
What was the item that protestors boycott that finally made the growers agree to negotiate ?
By felling others not to buy the grapes.
Where was Robert Kennedy assassinated ?
In California
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