Is magnetic resonance imaging effective in the early detection of Alzheimer disease in asymptomatic adults

| August 19, 2015

hat’s order for (Abstract chapter)
My supervisor recommended to be with sub-heading like my sample( please be careful about similarity because already reach now to 22% .
Please don’t copy it same my sample reduce similirity percentage
Merge for all dissertation:
I will attached all chapters to merge them please like my sample
And put them with table of content , list of figures, list of tables and list of abbreviations as my sample did .
Please reduce similarity percentage for my dissertation
It’s 21% now
I want to be less than 15% ?
That’s very important thing please please to be in safe side. Specially with some paragraphs they all full of similarity.
Please , this is last order i need it to be high quality and on time please.
I’m sorry if bothered you .

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Insightful and critical reflection using the Gibbs Cycle (or other framework) of an academic or work event leading to enhanced understanding of the health beliefs of another ethnocultural group with which you were not previously familiar
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