Is global warming a myth?

| July 20, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

This coursework requires you to write a 1,250 word argumentative essay

on a topic connected to your intended degree course (e.g. Oil & Gas

Management; Business Management; Accounting & Finance; HR Management;

Events Management; Technology; Law etc.).

o You will choose a topic and title from a prepared question bank, relating

to your intended degree programme. Your choice of topic and title for your

essay must be submitted to your lecturer along with a plan for your essay

during Week 6. Your topic must be different to what you submitted


o The deadline for 1

st draft submissions (by email) is Week 7. We cannot

guarantee feedback after this date.

 How do I find information?

o In order to write your essay, you will need to do reading and research.

o The best place to start is GSM Learn. In the Advanced Critical Writing

module, you will find:

 Reading lists connected to the topics in the question banks.

 Access to GSM’s online library, which includes Discovery, where you

can access relevant journals and readings. You will need your

MyAthens password to access the material online. Contact the library if

you have problems with this (

 Support and guidance materials and videos to help you with your


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To what extent was the global financial crisis of 2007/08 caused by inappropriate incentives? Have these incentives been changed sufficiently by subsequent reforms?
Hearsay/Trial Preparation


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