Is Death Penalty Effective

| July 7, 2016

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Objective -The research paper calls upon the skills of analysis and synthesis, i.e. breaking the larger issue into smaller components and incorporating opinions and evidence from sources into your own argument. You will also be using the skills of paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting sources to substantiate and support your position. Your task is to present your opinion on an issue or problem in such a way that your presentation reveals your understanding and attempts to convince others of its validity. ESSAY CRITERIAWrite a persuasive research paper about a topic of your choice. The essay must follow the classical arrangement of persuasive discourse:1.IntroductionRemain neutralRemain general, no specific pointsGenerate reader interestAvoid overuse of sources in the introduction2.NarrationGiveoverview of differing opinionsDefine terms (if relevant)Provide history (if relevant)Provide overview of interest groupsEstablish credibility or authorityIntroduce thesis

3.ConfirmationYour points (1 idea or point per paragraph)Support opinion with evidence and facts from sourcesComment on how sources prove or illustrate your positionAvoid using source material, especially quotations, as topic or transitional SentencesThink about transitional words and devices that will move the argument forwardseamlessly and fluidly4.RefutationIdentify opposition by name or title (A.C.L.U., the Catholic Church)Fairly and accurately summarize the positionConcede the point and give credit where its dueAttempt to disprove or discredit the opposition by usingevidence or facts: you simply cannot say someone is wrong because you disagree with them5.ConclusionRe-emphasize main pointsDont introduce new evidenceAvoid overuse of source materialCall on audience to rethink positionMake a strong call for actionOffer possible solutionsDiscuss implications of doing nothingSuggest other tangential issues that might be relevantPlease remember the refutation. This is an important component of persuasive writing and should be treated adequately.

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