Is civil disobedience ever justified?

| May 28, 2014

1.) Introduction which clearly states the issue to be examined; the philosophers to be used, the general side on the issue each philosopher takes, and which clearly identifies the side the student will take.
2.) Description and analysis of philosophers’ views, which describe the view of each philosopher on the issue, including their reasons for taking that view.
3.) Evaluation of philosophers views which evaluate each philosophers view on the issue based on your understanding of the issue, the philosophers positions and how others evaluate the philosophers arguments on the issue.
4.) Your own position on the topic, including a rationally justifiable defense of that position.
5) Conclusion that summarizes and/or restates your position in relation to the philosopher and topic you have chosen to discuss.

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What sexual harassment training issues are there in a global organization--for international assignments that bring employees the United States and for international assignments that send US employees other countries?
The Expansion of the Panama Canal and Its Economic Impact on the US

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