Is a global state possible or even desirable? Make full use of the theoretical and empirical literature in your answer. (with reference to theories of realism, communism, liberalism and marxism)

| February 26, 2014

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The module’s name is International organizations and global governance (politics department). The essay is an assessment for the whole module. Critical analysis and analytical thinking must be demonstrated in this work.
Writers that have to be used among others:
For liberalism summary theory – Leonard Woolf, L. Lindberg, Anne-Marie Slaughter
For Marxism theory – Marx, Lenin, Robert Cox, Craig Murphy, P. Cammack
For realism and communism – free choice of writers
Authors that are preferably to be included among others for research – Thomas Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson
Requirements listed among others for first class essay include: Assessment takes into account the following criteria: extent and thoroughness of reading; use of sources; presentation of work including spelling and grammar; structure of the essay; fluency, clarity and authority of writing; strength and soundness of argument; knowledge of relevant theories and methods; independence of thought and critical character of analysis.
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What issues are important to consider in arranging transportation of the goods from Germany to the United States?

Category: International Organizations and Global Governance

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