Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) digital products offerings that can be attributed to positive revenue growth and/or stock price

| April 2, 2014

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1) (Main objective) Describe and benchmark Iron Mountain’s Digital Product offering to gains and losses within their stock price from 2004 to present.
2) (Secondary Objective) Where does the company see the greatest market growth within the digital products / services arena for 2014 and beyond?
3) (Secondary Objective) What is a projected revenue and stock growth anticipated from Iron Mountain’s digital practices for 2014-and beyond?
To assist you in this task, I have compiled the following research. Feel free to research on your own, or use some of the research provided.
Here is an extra 3.5 hours IRM’s latest IR outlook.
You can fast forward to any section by clicking the “next arrow” on the slide presentation.
Additionally, here is my IRM research folder
Depending upon the outcome, this project may greatly expand. The goal of this exercise is to determine what digital development activities has produced the greatest gains in stock, market share and revenues for IRM.
Cheers, John Cataldi
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