Iron Jawed Angeles- Movie analysis

| February 14, 2014

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Your analysis of the movie should be a
minimum of three FULL pages in length, double spaced, 1” margins all around.
If you do not give detailed examples and quotations from the movie in each answer(except 5), you will receive a zero.
1) What were some of the insults yelled by the spectators at the parade
participants? Why do you think those particular insults were used against the women?
2) What were two reasons why Alice Paul would not become romantically involved with Ben. Explain.
3) Name and explain three examples of law enforcement re-enforcing the status quo(women not having the right to vote)?
4) Why was Alice Paul so driven for women to have the right to vote?
5) Why do you think it is that Americans know little or nothing about Alice Paul
who is such an important figure in American history? Explain.
Remember, if you did not give detailed examples and quotations from the movie in each answer
(except 5), you will receive a zero.
or you can find your own sources accessing to this movie.
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