Investment Psychology: The Relationship between Stock Prices and Investor’s Behavior

| February 9, 2014

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The relationship between investor behavior and stock prices is usually determined on a firm by firm basis (Bernstein, 2000, p.115). Investors’ behavior is also monitored through observation of the number of trading and investment in the stock markets. The following research paper intended to investigate investment psychology as well as the relationship between stock prices and investor’s behavior. In order to acquire the results, a questionnaire was conducted and 250 respondents comprising of business class students, investors, traders and clients interviewed as part of the Questionnaire. Questionnaires, research and observation were the main methods of data collection as these are considered appropriate in acquisition of accurate and detailed information needed for the study. Findings were analyzed qualitatively and conclusions were made accordingly. INTRODUCTION Majority of individuals find the task of beating the market to be quite easy as compared to that of beating themselves in terms of being able to master their emotions while attempting to think independently. Despite the fact that decisions based on natural instincts at times turn out to be the wrong course of action……ORDER NOW
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