Investment Management: Travis Perkins Plc

| February 25, 2014

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Travis Perkins Plc. joined the FTSE 100 in June 2013 A major plc, which can trace its roots back over 200 years, Travis Perkins is a leading company in the builders’ merchant and home improvement markets, and is a main supplier to the building and construction market, one of the largest industries in the UK.
Part A) Evaluate the role of the following in the process of transfer from the FTSE 250 to the Main Index: (40% of the marks)
1. Institutional Investors
2. Investment Banks
3. The Board of Directors
4. The London Stock Exchange
. Please note you should consider the process both generally and specifically
Part B) From an investment point of view critically evaluate the performance of Travis Perkins Plc. in its time on the main market –to 31/12/13 (60% of the marks)
Please note you should link your comments into relevant theory
The following learning outcomes are being examined and your answer should address appropriate elements of each
1. Appreciate the roles and origins of the global financial markets.
2. Appreciate the main investment theories
3. Assess the financial needs and decision making processes of large corporations
4. Understand the role and functions of fund managers
5. Understand the workings of the Regulatory Bodies
6. Have an appreciation of the major issues in investment
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