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| February 10, 2014

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Here are the two artist I would like to write about.
Name- Jacques Louis David
Name of work-Oath of the Horati
Location-Western France,Europe and England
Medium and Size-10’8;x13’9
Name-Eugene Delacroix
Name of Work-Liberty Leading the People
Medium and Size-8’6×10’8
Five Simple Steps
I. Select two works of art that you will analyze. They should be from two different time periods or styles, but also have some common elements (such as subject matter, symbolism, or structure). If possible, provide multiple images of your chosen pieces (from websites and online sources), with different angles or views.
II. Craft an introduction that gives your reader the WHAT and the WHY
a) What! What are you comparing? Your introduction will include information about both works indicating as fully as possible the:
1. name of artist
2. name of works
3. period/date
4. location or origin
5. medium and size
b) Why! Why are you comparing the works? Here is where you state the “agenda”, main idea, or reason you are comparing these works. Ask yourself the following kinds of questions: What does each work represent from its time period? What visual elements show that this work is from that time period? What does it symbolize? (Example: The agenda (main point or purpose) of this comparison is to understand stylistic differences between the Italian and French Baroque, and to show how Caravaggio and Poussin deal with the same biblical theme in a different way.)
III. Include A Brief Background
In the body of your paper, provide the vital background information that is crucial for your reader in understanding the two works (Example: “Whereas the Italian piece reflects the artist’s life experience in the streets of Rome, the French work reveals the painter’s admiration for the work of Raphael.”)
IV. Compare and Contrast the Works:
a) Discuss similarities between the two works by pointing out what they have in common in the body of your paper. (Example: "Both paintings deal with biblical themes, and both are set in a landscape.")
b) Discuss differences between the two works in the body of your paper using words like “unlike,” “whereas,” etc. (Example: Whereas the Italian work is dramatic and dynamic, the French work is classically composed and symmetrical.)
V. Sign off with a Strong Conclusion: Use your conclusion to revisit what you have illustrated throughout your paper about the significance of this comparison and make a strong statement that emphasizes your main thesis. (Example: This comparison is significant for revealing the basic differences between Italian and French Baroque Styles in that…)
Format Requirements
Your analysis should be approximately 2 pages (not including cover page or resources) double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, APA or MLA style citations. Any information taken from another source should indicate the author and page number in parentheses (MindEdge 72), directly next to the information on the outline, and then the complete reference in the bibliography
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