Introduction to Statistics

| April 21, 2014

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The answers to this question MUST clearly states:
1) Which test will be used?;
2) Why this test is suitable to the question?
3) Copy the result you get from the Excel to your work.
4) Explain the logic behind your answers.
5) Explain all the assumptions, choice of tests, interpretation of any computer output;
6) If using any graph in the questions, state why using this graph. Why using linear line for regression or why not linear but a curve? why using box plot?
Use of computer software:
1) ONLY Excel is allowed.or StatPlus in the excel if needed
About the question:
1) Do question (a) with a suitable test
2) Choose (b) or (c) base the answer you get from question (a)
3) And do question (d) afterwards.
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