Introduction to Personal and Professional Practice

| April 25, 2014

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BC1000- Introduction to Personal and Professional Practice
Final Assignment (35%)
Handed out Week Commencing: 27th March 2014
Submission Date 5th May 2014
Feedback and grade 26st May 2014
The final assignment for this module requires you to discuss and evaluate your individual development during the module and consists of the following aspects:
1. A reflective overview of your learning to date since starting University, using examples from a variety of experiences, e.g. University, employment, social activities. A discussion of learning will include a description of your experiences, a reflection on what you have learnt so far and a discussion about your learning needs and opportunities in the future. Reference your reading, where appropriate.
2. A detailed and formatted Curriculum Vitae (2 pages maximum).
You are encouraged to provide your own personal examples. Your discussion may be written in the first person (I or we) as it is a reflective essay. However you must relate your learning to theory and reference appropriately. There should be evidence of reading in your assignment that goes beyond your core text book. As well as indicative reading in your module information pack you may want to explore texts relating to employability and skills.
Assessment Criteria
A well-structured discussion which will include the following:
Analysis of reflective learning using supporting examples from a range of sources (30%)
A discussion of skills required to continue effective learning and professional development (30%)
An accurate and detailed CV (30%)
Inclusion of a minimum of 4 relevant texts supported by appropriate Harvard referencing (10%)
Assignment Length: 2000 – 2500 words
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