Introduction to music history

| April 3, 2014

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1. Research one song in China or Taiwan between the 1970’s ~1979’s, finding information on the style/genre, the artist and the song itself and write a brief description of the song.
2.Research one song to represent the major styles or genres of popular music between 1970’s~1979’s
3.Pick a song between 1970’s ~1979’s from China or Taiwan
a. The song for the example what it’s about the Artist?
b. What it represented?
c. Why the song is important in that’s time?
d. What’s the effect about the song? And what’s the effect in China or Taiwan?
4. Please lets me know the music name and provide the music I can download from my account. You can search the song and all about the song’s information/questions by anyway, BUT your assignment must include all the question answer, and I also need reference please write with assignment.
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