Introduction To Lean Construction

| April 15, 2014

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This is a scenario based coursework that requires you to synthesize your learning into “real life” applications. The case described below is based on the true story of a company in the UK who are successfully advancing along the pathway to leaner operations. This action has allowed the company to effectively buck the trend of reducing margins and order books following the Global Financial Crash having increased their workload and margins whilst reducing their costs.
The Scenario:
You are employed by a family owned construction company that tenders competitively for the majority of its work. The company offers design capability to its Clients although has no in-house designers. The Client base is varied but the company mainly builds social and bespoke housing, education facilities and commercial properties. The recession in the construction sector has meant the company has reduced its directly employed staff significantly through what it termed “right sizing” exercises. Now the Board of Directors has decided that the company needs to be radically modernised. The Chief Executive has read “The Toyota Way” and has a new vision of how the company can operate based on Liker’s 14 management principles. She has asked you to lead the business transformation exercise because you have a Lean qualification from Nottingham Trent University where Glenn Ballard (inventor of the Last Planner System) is a Visiting Professor. Your CEO understands the need to move towards greater collaboration and has heard of the great success of LPS in improving the reliability of project performance. It is important, she feels, to incorporate LPS into Liker’s work in order for your company to develop its own “Way” of doing business.
The Task:
You have been given the freedom to completely redesign the how the company operates including its relationship with both its Clients and its supply chain. You CEO believes there is a two stage process to gaining the final sign off from the main board comprising of an initial briefing followed by a detailed transformation proposal. She has therefore asked that you prepare the following:
1. A 15 minute powerpoint presentation to introduce the new thinking to the Board covering the following (please change the order to suit your argument):
a. An overview of lean thinking indicating the main principles that will influence the company
b. An indication of the activities that will be required
c. The vision of the new company and its “Way” of working
2. A comprehensive report to deliver the detail behind the presentation and the transformation proposal. This report should include at least
a. Current and future state of the business
b. A proposed program for the transformation
c. The anticipated barriers and blockers
d. The potential resource requirements
e. More details on the transformation process and activities required
f. A review of the current sources of knowledge and good practice
g. Other information you feel is necessary to support your case
You should not use these items as section headings for the information you provide please choose more appropriate headings that relate to your imaginary company and the work you are proposing to do. You will need to supplement the scenario given with background information that you have invented and this should be visible within your report.
The submission:
There are two pieces of work to submit through dropbox
1. The powerpoint slides for your 15 minute presentation – this should be no more than 10 slides
2. A written report with a maximum of 5000 words – ensure you include an executive summary and full references in the Harvard style. Your report must be properly structured and presented using diagrams and photos as appropriate, you should use simple clear language and sentence structures.
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