Introduction to European Philosophy : Kant to Hegel

| February 12, 2014

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This is a second year undergraduate Philosophy Essay, course title Introduction to European Philosophy : Kant to Hegel
In this course we have looked at:
– Hegel, Phenomenology of Mind
– Hegel, intro to Phenomenology of right.
– Pippin, Hegel on self consciousness
– Andrew Bowie on Hegel
– Pinkard’s translation of the Phenomenology
– Pippin on modernity and Hegel
The writer should look at these texts and get the main ides from there. – While also looking at other sources.
Talk about :
– How Hegel’s Phenomenology is a critique of Empiricism
– Use relevant examples to illustrate Hegel’s thoughts.
– Use relevant quotes (especially from the above mentioned texts) and elaborate thoughts
– Generally use primary sources for description and secondary sources for criticisms. Communicate the ways in which a problem invites contradictory responses.
– strike a balance between expounding and explaining the arguments of the texts relevant to answering the question, and suggesting where these arguments might be questionable.
– quote the excerpt and then interpret it, clarifying what it might entail, maybe suggesting examples of what might be meant, suggesting ambiguities, etc.
– set out an agenda at the beginning, go through that agenda in the middle paragraphs of the essay
– Use Harvard in-text referencing style and a Harvard style bibliography at the end of the essay.

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