Introduction to Educational and Social Research

| October 23, 2015

Assignment 1: 1000 word critical* evaluation of a set paper (25% of the final mark).
To be submitted via Moodle by 22.00 Monday, November 2nd, 2015
You are being asked to read the set paper carefully. The paper is a comparison of two research approaches. Your task is to produce a critical* evaluation of the research approaches in the paper in the context of a small research project or enquiry (related to one of your own areas of interest). This might even turn into your dissertation later but not necessarily!
Admiraal, W. and Wubbels, T. (2005) ‘Multiple voices, multiple realities, what truth? Student teachers’ learning to reflect in different paradigms’, Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 11:3, 315-329.
To begin the task, complete Sections 1-7 in the table below. This is designed to help you ensure that you identify the main elements of the paper before you start your evaluation of the research approaches. You will not be assessed on these sections but they may also help us to understand your thinking when we read your work.
Section 8 is where you will then begin with a very brief outline of your idea for a small research project or enquiry followed by your critical evaluation of the research approaches for it (1000 words in total) using your understanding of the paper and the wider methodology literature in the Reading Choices on Moodle. You will only be assessed on the 1000 words in Section 8, not Sections 1-7.
Your student number:
Reference for paper: (full and correct referencing using the same referencing system as the Reading List)
1. What is the study about?
2. Purpose
What are the main aims?
3. Focus/scope
4. Location & duration **
5. Research design & method(s)
6. Key concepts and ideas
7. Key findings, recommendations & implications for your enquiry
8. Your critical evaluation of the research approaches in the paper in the context of a small research project or enquiry you would like to carry out
* ‘Critical’ is meant in the sense of ‘critique’ i.e. not ‘criticizing’ in a negative sense but rather weighing up
both the positive and negative, as you see it.
** This relates to the location where the research was conducted and over how long it was conducted.

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