Introduction to Communications

| June 19, 2015

Introduction to Communications

Response #1 .
Please follow the response assignment description found within your syllabus. This will best advise you how to go about answering the question posed below.

Response #1 Question:

You are a professor at an institution that has just experienced a large budget cut (a very real possibility). The Provost, a man in charge of the academics, has just made a list ranking academic disciplines. His ranking represents how important he feels the discipline is. The lower on the list, the bigger the budget cut.

The Provost has ranked Communication Theory at 11 of 15 disciplines. He states that communication theory is too broad and doesn’t really seem to help people in the long run.

Knowing what you do so far about communication and communication theory, dispute what he has to say about the communication discipline. Utilize what you have read, heard about in class, and what you perceive personally to describe the importance of the communication theory to students. Write a letter to the Provost. Why should the discipline be ranked higher? What does it have to offer people short-term? Long-term?

Make sure that you keep your audience in mind. The Provost is respected throughout the university environment. Your letter should reflect not only the information you have to give him, trying to persuade him to re-rank the discipline, but it also needs to respect his position on campus.
Bring in information from your textbook and from your own life! Make sure you cite the information from the book. If you bring in information from other sources (recommended), please cite them as well!




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