Introduction to Business

| November 30, 2015

each question is worth 20 points, so your answers cannot be only a few sentences, you need to answer totally. Test is due back Monday, November 23, 2015


1; The Strategic Marketing Planning Process addresses 3 general steps. Explain in detail the 3 general steps. Use a product you buy or are familiar with as an example in explaining each of the steps.


2; Explain the 4 stages of the product life cycle. Pick a product you are familiar with and describe which stage of the product life cycle the product is in. The product life cycle does not have to perfectly correct, just explain your rationale for your choice of the stage you believe the product is in. I am more interested in your understanding of the 4 stages. You need to pick a product for each stage of the life cycle’s.


3; What are the 6 stages of the product development process, explain all stage completely.


4; Our text lists 11 different retail store formats. Pick 8 of these formats, and explain totally each of the eight. Pick an example of each of these formats that are not listed in the text. Explain why you believe these stores match the format you have indicated they belong in.  


5; Wholesalers and retailers are instrumental in creating three of the four forms of utility. They also perform 9 distribution functions. List the 9 functions and explain each one of them.

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