I need someone to help me deal with my biology assignments. It contains 32 quizzes and 3 exams. They are all online tests. I will provide enough documents which contain the answers to all the quiz and exam questions. The questions are all multiple choice and true or false question. As long as you finish them before the deadline, it is fine. I will also attch an two instruction which contains all the upcoming information you will need.
Course Objectives. This is an introductory biology course for non science majors, covering some most basic concepts in life science. As you explore the many facets of biology and its relevance to life in the modern world, you will see two unifying themes recurring throughout this on line course. Hierarchical organization – life is organized on many levels within individual organisms including atoms, cells, tissues, and organs. And in the larger world, organisms themselves are organized into many levels: populations, communities, and ecosystems within the biosphere. The power of evolution – Evolution, the change in genetic characteristics of individuals within populations over time, accounts for the diversity of organisms, but also explains the unity among them.
Textbook. “Biology concepts & connections” 5th edition or later edition by Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece, Martha R. Taylor, and Eric J. Simon is adopted as the main textbook. ISBN: 0-8053-7160-5, paper -copy 0-853-7188-5.
The course consists of 12 units of instruction.
Dimensions of Evaluation.
Your final grade points include your grade points from 32 unit quizzes, three module exams. The 32 unit topic quizzes and three module exams (highlighted in red in the course syllabus on Blackboard) are posted to the Assessments folder. You should read the on line course documents, including various web links on a daily base, and take the quiz as you finish the reading of each unit, and take the module exam as you finish the module. There are all together three modules divided into 12 units. At the end of each study topic, there is a drop box assignment, you can e-mail your assignment directly to my e-mail address
The drop box assignment, the discussion thread activities, and other online assignments and study activities, i.e. web link activities, self check practice exams, electronic portfolio are self exam tools to see how much you have learned from each topic, and also serves as a feedback to me. The completion and satisfied answer of these assignments could help move you up to a letter grade. These assignments can also be submitted to me directly via e-mail.
50% of your final grade points will come from the total percentage of your 32 unit quiz grades; 50% of your final grade will come from the total percentage of your three module exams. Your final grade in letter from will be determined based on the following scale: 90 % or more = A 80% or more = B 70% or more = C 60% or more = D Lower than 60% = F
This grading scale will be applied only at the end of the course, and does not apply to individual exams. The instructor reserves the right to make fine adjustments on the grading scale at the end of the term.
Quiz and module exam
All quiz and module exam will consist of multiple choice questions and true/false, similar in format to the questions students encounter in each of the units of instruction.
Students may be tested on anything covered in the online course, audio lectures, required readings, external website information or discussion posts created by the professor.
Please Note: All required study work, all quizzes and module exams are expected to be completed by Friday, June 26, 2015, at 5:00 pm. All quizzes and exams will be submitted via the Blackboard for the instructor to grade.
Class Discussions and Activities
Each unit contains at least one discussion activity. These class discussions are important for developing a social learning community and a successful online course. They also reflect your class participation, so you are required to participate in the discussion thread.
Student discussions (on the Class Blackboard) are moderated by the instructor. Also, the instructor may pose questions for your thoughtful discussion and response. However, the primary purpose is for students to initiate questions and carry on discussions with each other. Your active participation not only demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of the subject matter (or lack thereof), it also contributes immensely to the overall learning experience (for all
students) in this course. Consequently, all students are expected to participate in a helpful and constructive manner in each unit’s discussion thread(s).
All postings are expected to be professional in tone, clear, competently produced and delivered; and their content should reflect an understanding of at least the lectures and assigned readings.
Failure to participate with requisite regularity and sagacity may result in a loss of points, up to one full letter grade, at the instructor’s sole discretion.
In addition to the discussion threads, each unit contains matching and fill-in-the-blank activities. Students are expected to do the required course work on a weekly basis. Preparation and participation (discussion threads and activities) can contribute materially to a good grade in this course.
It is strongly recommended that students complete TWO units per week. This will ensure uniform participation by students in the discussion threads and timely completion of all course requirements.
University of Miami Honor Code
You are required to follow the University of Miami Honor Code, established for students to protect the academic integrity of the University of Miami. Please review the Undergraduate Honor Code.
Contact your instructor if you have any questions or concerns.

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