Introduction to Accounting.

| February 28, 2014

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Do not leave your work till the last minute; this does not make for a good result.
Plan your time and set deadlines to complete your assignment and to leave time to review your assignment and make any changes necessary. You may have two or three assignments due in around the same time. Managing your workload and adhering to tight deadlines is a Transferable Business Skill and is highly valued by employers.
Use Harvard referencing whenever appropriate. The University of Lincoln handbook on Harvard referencing has been issued to you so use it.
Harvard Referencing on the web:

Click to access Harvard-referencing-guide.pdf

SHOW ALL YOUR WORKINGS/CALCULATIONS. Failure to do so will result in a lower mark being awarded than otherwise would be the case.
Remember you Read for a degree.
Your coursework is to be submitted electronically. It will be electronically time stamped. Do not leave submission to the last minute as if you lose a connection and it’s nearly time it may result in a late submission and marks being deducted.
If you wish to or are asked by your tutor you can hand in a hard (paper) copy direct to your tutor. It must be stapled and with a front cover. The e-submission will be taken as the hand in date.
Word length: 1,000 words not including bibliography and workings.
Introduction to Management Accounting.
Module Summative Assignment. (50% of the module mark)
Submit your assignment in the form of a typed informal report. (Your seminar lecturer will provide guidance.
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