Introducing iSnack 2.0: The New Vegemite

| April 29, 2014

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Case Study Questions:
The main body of your case study report should address the following questions,
however, you do not necessarily have to report each element individually. The overall
analysis should simply consider each of these issues. In addition, you are encouraged to
show some initiative in the way that you approach the case study analysis, ensuring that
you address all elements of the criteria contained within the marking rubric (to be made
available via CloudDeakin):
1. Marketing problem
Given that sales growth was strong for iSnack, what was the marketing problem faced by
Talbot? Please note that the case study does not provide the “full story”, so you will need
to conduct further investigation into how the “story” ended, if you are unaware. Your
definition of the problem will be important in how you approach the questions that
2. Marketing research
Critically evaluate the marketing research undertaken for the “How Do You Like Your
Vegemite” campaign and the “iSnack 2.0” naming campaign. In your evaluation, consider
why the outcomes were so different for each and whether the consumer backlash could
have been prevented in the case of the “iSnack 2.0” naming campaign.
3. Consumer behaviour
Using your understanding of the internal and external influences on consumer
behaviour, analyse the consumer backlash that followed the launch of “iSnack 2.0”.
4. Branding
Should Talbot have used a brand extension to revitalise Vegemite? Given that he did
choose to extend the brand, did he make the right decision in re-naming the “iSnack 2.0”
product? Ensure that you justify your response.
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