Intimate Partner Violence

| April 21, 2014

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lease write a dissertation chapter 2 for me based on the outline that I provided below: My dissertation title is Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).
1. Historical Overview about Domestic violence and IPV
2. Multicultural context: A International Violation of Human Rights
3. The National Context: Domestic Violence and IPV in the United States
4. Statistics on IPV in the United States, and World
5. Defining Domestic Violence and IPV in United States and International research
6. Types of IPV – Physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse in the U.S and Asian Countries
7. The cycle of violence
8. Risk factors/consequences of IPV correlates to predictor and mental health outcomes
9. Asian Cultural attitude towards IPV
10. Cultural issues and violence
13. Feminist philosophical and theoretical underspinnings
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